Kind Words From Our Clients

“We used ‘Coming Home’ for our best friend Taz at the age of 14. Jeremy was very calm and caring with all of us. Our 2 daughters aged 4 and 11 were present and he was amazing with them. He included them in explaining what he was doing and what would happen in a way that they could understand. Jeremy made everyone feel at ease in such sad circumstances giving us time alone with Taz before she was finally put to rest. Our experience was better than we could have ever imagined and Taz was completely at ese throughout the whole process. The thought of having to take her to the vets which she disliked at the best of times was not something we wanted to do. At the last minute we decided on a cremation rather than burial. Jeremy offered to take Taz to Peaceways crematorium for us that night and sent us information on the different services they offered for us to look through over the weekend. This was above and beyond expectations. Jenny had lots of correspondence with us throughout the whole process and couldn’t have been more helpful and understanding. We cannot thank them enough for all the help and reassurance they gave us and we would highly recommend their service to anyone.”

Anna B

“Thank you both for all your support during this very difficult time. It would have been a thousand times worse, if I hadn’t had Jeremy there to support me at the time, and you to talk to on the other end of the phone. You both made all the difference. Without you both it would have been a very lonely experience.”

Noella G

“We were so impressed by the personal and touching service provided by Jeremy and Jenny when it came to the heartbreaking time to say goodbye to our beloved Ronnie cat. They made an unbearable situation more bearable and could not have been more sympathetic, supportive and calming.”

 Chris and Emily A

“The experience we had with Coming Home Vet was extremely good. Jeremy is such a gentle and caring man and we were so pleased to have found him. We were looking to have our beautiful girl put to sleep at home and it couldn’t have gone better. Jeremy put our minds at rest that we were doing the right thing which was great because we were tearing ourselves apart trying to decide if it was the right time. Although it was really harrowing, we felt that it went well and she was put to sleep in a kind, loving way, without any stress or fuss, at home where she felt comfortable and safe. Jeremy was so kind and gentle and talked us through what he was doing bit by bit. Our overall experience, during a really upsetting and devastating time, we felt, went well and she was treated with love, kindness and with dignity.”

Rosemary and Ian P

“It was such a heart-breaking thing I had to do for my little man, but it was made easier knowing he was with someone that cared and is passionate about what he does. Those who don’t know Jeremy, he’s one of life’s special people. I’m so glad he’s specialising in end of life care – he has such a calm, kind and gentle personality.”

Kim S

“We chose to put our greatly loved 17 year old family dog, Minnie, to sleep in November last year. Alongside other illnesses, Minnie was completely deaf and blind and when travelling in the car she became very stressed, so we decided to find an at home euthanasia service. We thought this may not be possible due to COVID-19, but we found Coming Home Veterinary on google who were more than happy to come to us. We wanted euthanasia with a more personal touch and on the website Jeremy the vet sounded just like that. He came out the next day after exchanging emails and delivered an excellent service, he was kind and comforting and talked us through the procedure and what to prepare for. Minnie passed peacefully, we were very pleased. She was not at all stressed and we can’t recommend Coming Home Veterinary enough.”

Kelly H

“Jeremy was such a wonderful vet, I didn’t want to have my beautiful dog euthanised at the vets so to be able to have this service at home was exactly what I wanted. We had plenty of time to say our goodbyes and time afterwards with him, Woody had no stress and was just in his favourite chair, the ending he deserved. Thank you so much for amazing care and service throughout, you made a very difficult day more bearable.”

Ruth L

“I cannot say thank you enough to Jenny and Jeremy for their consideration and care over our dog Finn. For us, Jeremy being able to come to our house to help us say our forever goodbye to Finn was so much better than in the car park at our vets which was one of the only other options. Jeremy was professional, reassuring, kind and compassionate giving us as much time as we needed during such a difficult time. He was able to reassure us that we were doing the right thing and was not intrusive at all. It is never an easy thing to say goodbye to a beloved pet but this was made especially difficult during the Covid 19 pandemic so to find Jeremy willing to come to our garden and keep that moment such a private family moment was so important to us all.”

Marion F

“To have someone as caring and understanding as Jeremy come round to our dog’s own home immediately put us both at ease – there was no need to put our dog through the anxiety of a vet’s visit, where he would have got upset and also been able to sense my anxiety too. Our dog was relaxed throughout and didn’t get stressed in anyway – he deserved that after a lifetime of giving love to us. He passed on peacefully, relaxed in one of his favourite spots, with his owner (me) sitting calmly by his side. Jeremy has great skill and empathy, which helped enormously. He seems to have a 6th sense about when to talk to you and when to let silence have its place. His approach was calm and unrushed, which stopped me from becoming too upset and passing this onto our dog. Saying goodbye to a four-legged friend will never be easy, but doing so with Jeremy and Jenny made things so much easier. I can’t speak highly enough about them both, and would happily give 10 stars if that was an option.”

Graeme G

“Having the level of service that we received made so much difference to us all in the final moments and we could not recommend this enough to anybody in that dark hour of need. You have been wonderful.”

Dave P

“When the time came for us to make the decision for our little man Jack who was 14, I couldn’t of felt more at ease with Jeremy and Jenny. They were both very professional, they talked us through the process that would happen, with such care and empathy. Being able to have this service at home, where the whole family could be together, was so lovely. Our boy was at home, relaxed. Jeremy was kind enough to let us spend as much time as we needed, as a family to say out finally goodbyes. Jenny couldn’t of done more for us with arranging everything, and returning our little man after cremation. From start to finish, we couldn’t of asked for more.”

Tracy S

“Maddy was our best friend for nearly 15 years and so very loved. We got her from Raystede in 2008 and have so many great memories of her. We feel extremely grateful we came across Jeff and Steve at Raystede / Peaceways, which in turn led us to Jeremy and Jenny. Jeremy is a wonderful person and we are so blessed he helped to make the end of her life as peaceful and calm as it could be under the circumstances. He was so kind and compassionate. RIP our darling Maddy.”

Belle and Mark R

“My daughter first exchanged emails with Jenny, who was kind, compassionate and extremely helpful with answering our questions. Jeremy, the Coming Home vet, delivered an excellent service, as he was very kind and comforting throughout the process. It is a wonderful thing to be able to put your pet to sleep in the comfort of your own home. Minnie passed peacefully and we can’t recommend Coming Home enough.”

Michelle H

“There are real angels in this world and Jeremy and Jenny are definitely angels. I’m not sure how I would have gotten through saying goodbye to our beloved Rocky without both Jeremy and Jenny’s kindness, authenticity and support. Two months ago we learnt that our Rocky had an inoperable sarcoma, we were devastated and so began our journey saying goodbye. My initial contact with Jenny was so reassuring, I could feel her kindness in her emails. Jeremy supported Rocky in palliative care and was an immense support to us as a family in being generous with his time, genuine care and willingness to support us all during a most difficult time. I knew they were only a phone call away with advice, questions and a gentle ear. I really cannot thank both Jenny and Jeremy enough, I am not sure how would have navigated this journey without them.

R.I.P Rocky Bauer 3 June 2021.”

Lis B

Memorial Wall

Cat Ronnie on the right who went over Rainbow Bridge 27/9/20 with his brother Reggie on his left.

Taz who went over Rainbow Bridge in October 2020. Here she is with her two best friends.

Max the “gannet” who is always in our hearts.

Gorgeous little man Jack who went over Rainbow Bridge in January 2021 at 14 years old.

Beautiful Woody who went over Rainbow Bridge in his favourite chair in February 2021.

Maddy was our best friend for nearly 15 years and so very loved.