Compassionate End of Life

Our mission is to provide your beloved pet with a peaceful and smooth transition in the comfort of your own home.

pet quality of life assessment

Jeremy Edwards B.Vet.Med. MRCVS qualified from the Royal Veterinary College London in 1984 and has since worked principally in small companion animal practice.

Jeremy is particularly interested in ‘end of life’ palliative care for cats and dogs; with 36 years experience of the euthanasia process in all species.

Now at the latter part of his varied veterinary career, he feels very privileged to offer assistance to our clients at the time when they are most in need of a calm, experienced and compassionate approach to pet home euthanasia.

The bond of love we have with our pets is priceless and Jeremy understands completely the sadness and sense of loss felt at this time – he is here to ensure that you are supported during the process and that a difficult day is a fitting dignified farewell to a much beloved animal friend.

Our Services

Hospice + Palliative Care

Vet Assessment


Painless Euthanasia

Cremation Transportation

Aftercare Services

Bereavement Counselling

Our vets visit and provide high-quality end of life care for your pets in Sussex, Surrey and surrounding areas

Your pet will be much more comfortable at home. No strange smells, bright lights, or loud noises. You’ll be more comfortable, too. You’ll have all the time and privacy you need to say goodbye in these final moments. Your dog or cat will be surrounded by familiar smells and soothing, loving voices.

Kind Words From Our Clients

"My daughter first exchanged emails with Jenny, who was kind, compassionate and extremely helpful with answering our questions. Jeremy, the Coming Home vet, delivered an excellent service, as he was very kind and comforting throughout the process. It is a wonderful thing to be able to put your pet to sleep in the comfort of your own home. Minnie passed peacefully and we can’t recommend Coming Home enough."

Michelle H


"Jeremy was such a wonderful vet, I didn't want to have my beautiful dog euthanised at the vets so to be able to have this service at home was exactly what I wanted. We had plenty of time to say our goodbyes and time afterwards with him, Woody had no stress and was just in his favourite chair, the ending he deserved. Thank you so much for amazing care and service throughout, you made a very difficult day more bearable."

Ruth L