Providing high-quality end of life care for your pets in the convenience and comfort of their home.

Our prices start from £250.

Home Euthanasia

Saying goodbye to our beloved pets is a very painful process. Once the decision is made, we are overcome with sadness and emotion. As a dedicated home euthanasia veterinary service with years of experience, we offer compassionate and supportive care for all members of the family.

End Of Life Care

Pet Hospice or palliative care is a newly defined discipline derived from human hospice care. Palliative care involves actively caring for a patient with a life-limiting illness that cannot respond to curative treatment. We place emphasis on controlling the signs of illness and giving valuable comfort to the animal. End of life care includes pain relief, hydration, nutrition, cleanliness, mobility, comfort and owner education. Candidates for end of life care are animals suffering with cancer, internal organ failure, degenerative diseases and dementia.

Quality of Life

Our pets generally live long and happy lives. Sadly, old age and eventual death is inevitable. Many owners wish that their beloved pets would pass away naturally in their sleep. Unfortunately, this process we call a ‘natural death’ is rare. Waiting for a natural death can be a painful process for both the pet and owner. Unnecessary suffering is avoidable with dignified in-home euthanasia.

Click here to complete the Pet Quality of Life Questionnaire. If you require assistance with this, we can arrange an appointment for a full vet assessment and consultation.


Losing a pet is one of life’s traumatic events and choosing to put your animal to sleep (euthanasia) is a very difficult decision to make. Being well prepared can help turn a painful event into a meaningful experience. We can celebrate the wonderful times we shared with our beloved pets. We can offer them a caring and dignified goodbye; fitting to such a significant day in our lives. Companion pets can be present during the euthanasia process to reduce the stress caused by the sudden disappearance of a pet friend.


We understand how difficult the passing of your pet is and we want to ensure that you do not have any additional worries. Following euthanasia, you will be given as much time as you wish to say goodbye. You may choose between your beloved pet’s cremation or a home burial. We look after your pet’s body with dignity at all times.

Jeremy Edwards spent 12 happy years at Raystede Animal Sanctuary as their resident vet and uses Peaceways Pet Crematorium, who are affiliated to Raystede, as the aftercare provider for his visits.

Click here for Peaceways aftercare information.

Liz Shrimpton uses Surrey Pet Crematorium as the aftercare provider for her visits.

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for Surrey Pet Crematorium’s aftercare information.

Our vets visit and provide high-quality end of life care for your pets in Sussex, Surrey and the surrounding areas

Kind Words From Our Clients

"My daughter first exchanged emails with Jenny, who was kind, compassionate and extremely helpful with answering our questions. Jeremy, the Coming Home vet, delivered an excellent service, as he was very kind and comforting throughout the process. It is a wonderful thing to be able to put your pet to sleep in the comfort of your own home. Minnie passed peacefully and we can’t recommend Coming Home enough."

Michelle H


"Jeremy was such a wonderful vet, I didn't want to have my beautiful dog euthanised at the vets so to be able to have this service at home was exactly what I wanted. We had plenty of time to say our goodbyes and time afterwards with him, Woody had no stress and was just in his favourite chair, the ending he deserved. Thank you so much for amazing care and service throughout, you made a very difficult day more bearable."

Ruth L